The nCodian™ Division of Synoptic Text Information Services, Inc. creates:

  • custom software solutions

Historically nCodian™ Division created:

  • vertical market applications
  • function libraries for use by other developers

Among its vertical market applications and function libraries were, in alphabetical order:

  • Documenter Lite — Automates creation of programmer documentation for .Net Framework assemblies.
  • FarmWeb — Automates gathering of repetitive date from websites
  • Flatfile — A flat file database engine to be used as a component in other software that does not need a heavy database backend and does not need to be or for security reasons should not be networked.
  • FreeText — A full text database engine based on Lucene that implements word search, phrase search, query by form, and advanced Boolean query language on rich text database records.
  • HawkEye — Specially designed for probation and parole officers to monitor in-person reporting, written reporting, and payment of fines, restitutions, fees, etc. Pops up alerts when probationers and parolees are late in any of these responsibilities. Generates reports. Automates letters to delinquent parobationers and parolees.
  • nCodian Cryptography — Encryption and decryption engine.
  • nCodian Registration — System for generating software user registration keys, implementing registration function in other software, and maintaining vendor’s database of customer registrations.
  • nCodianDb — A database engine.
  • PageWatch — Monitors changes in web pages.
  • PlainText — A full text search engine for plain text.
  • RankWatch — Monitors Amazon sales ranks of books.
  • SICbase — Wraps TR/Win text search database engine around the Standard Industrial Classification Manual.
  • TR/Win — A full text database search engine supporting word search, query-by-form, and command mode (Boolean query language to any level of depth of nested query terms).