Monograph Review Contest: Luther’s Liturgical Criteria by Spinks

Monograph Review Contest: Luther’s Liturgical Criteria by Spinks

Part A – Earn

1. Complete steps 2 through 5 to earn a copy of A Year in the Gospels with Martin Luther – 2 Volume Set, published by Concordia Publishing House.

2. Qualified Review. Write a qualified review of Bryan D. Spinks, Luther’s Liturgical Criteria and His Reform of the Canon of the Mass (Sidney, MT: Synoptic Text Information Services, Inc., 2021). Qualified means that the review (a) demonstrates having read the monograph being reviewed, (b) exhibits comprehension of the main thrust of the monograph, and (c) offers the reviewer’s own assessment of the content, importance, and value of the monograph.

3. Timely Review. The review must be received by Synoptic Text by April 5, 2021.

4. First Seven. The review must be among the first 7 received by Synoptic Text.

5. Permission to Use. By submitting the review, permit the publisher, Synoptic Text Information Services, Inc. to use, publish, and re-disseminate the review or excerpts from the review with the reviewer’s name in any medium.

Part B – Win

6. Complete steps 2, 3, and 5 above. Must be by April 5, 2021 but need not be among the first 7.

7. Be deemed the best review of the monograph received in the contest in the sole discretion of Synoptic Text to win YOUR CHOICE of any TWO volumes of the following published by Concordia Publishing House:

  • Luther’s Works
  • Concordia Commentary
  • Commentary on Luther’s Catechisms by Albrecht Peters
  • Chemnitz’s Works
  • Gerhard’s Theological Commonplaces
  • Walther’s Works

Submissions may be made to T. R. Halvorson, President, Synoptic Text Information Services, Inc., at the email address that can be assembled using the following information: trh at synoptictext dot com [presented here in this manner to reduce web-scraping and junque email].

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